Glimpses of Colorado - Photo Tour
Cañon City, Colorado

Yikes! A Snake!
Red Canyon Road
Colorado Vistas July 2007

Having been a Long Island "Flatlander" all my life, it was my dream to one day live in Colorado.
Since moving here in October, 2004 I am continuously amazed at the beautiful skies and landscapes this lovely state has to offer.

One might wonder why I post such common scenery, especially if a person has lived with such as environment all their life. But, it is the little things that I am noticing most.

The low-lying clouds that touch and sometimes envelope the mountains, and often even the lower elevated hogbacks. I lived with fog in the northeast, but these are real clouds, not misty fog. I never saw such a thing on Long Island.

The wildlife (which I might add does not pass through often enough) is amazing to me, for I saw none of it where I came from. Mostly, I saw a dead opossum on the highway. That was the sum total of wildlife for me.

And, the views! What did I see back East? Power and telephone lines, the roof or side of a neighbor's house. That's about it. Here, one can see an entire town just by climbing to 600-800 feet on Skyline Drive. I can see the Rockies from my front window. True, what I see is framed by neighbors' homes, but I see them. If I drive down to the corner, the area opens up and I see even more. That is spectacular to me. Mountain peaks, silhouetted against a clear blue sky, command my attention no matter where or how far I am going.>br>
The stars can actually be seen here at night. Not so back east where overcast skies were the norm.

The Colorado daytime sky is the bluest I have ever seen, even in the winter months. Back East, skies are gray for a large part of the year. The sun is dim and spirits low. The intense Colorado sun warms and cheers the spirit and allows for the bluest skies there could ever be.
Because of this lack of water vapor in the air, even jet trails stand out across the sky, a phenomenon I never really noticed in the Long Island sky.

Seeing horses and cattle only blocks away is a treat for a New Yorker. Just driving to the food store, what I see is eye-candy for a person who for a lifetime only saw only man-made structures...buildings, crowded streets filled with pot holes and litter, houses cramped close together with no room to breathe or appreciate what little nature might be around. It is no small wonder why my vacations were always away from the city and towards mountains, as if they were magnets pulling me towards a more serene and meaningful life.

And so, it is the simple things that I am enjoying and noticing enough to photograph. And, who knows, maybe another "Flatlander" will be inspired to want to see Colorado for themselves.

Photographs of Skyline Drive, Cañon City, Colorado were taken in October 2004.
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