Great Sand Dunes National Monument
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Great Sand Dunes National Monument

Geolor Arrow Great Sand Dunes National Monument
View of the Sangre de Cristo Mountain Range, looking east from Great Sand Dunes National Monument in Colorado. August 1997

Geolor ArrowSee the people towards the left of the photo towrds the center vertically? These dunes are huge! Heights may reach 800 feet. August 1997

People Dwarf Next to the Dunes
Distant Sangres

Geolor ArrowThe Great Sand Dunes and Distant Sangre De Cristo Mountains.
August 1997

Geolor ArrowMedano Creek and the Great Sand Dunes. August 1997

Medano Creek
Medano Creek

Geolor ArrowMedano Creek - Instrumental in the redistribution (recycling) of sand that comprises the dunes. August 1997

Geolor ArrowMedano Creek August 1997

Medano Creek
Sangre de Cristo Mountains

Geolor ArrowSangre de Cristo Mountains as seen from Zapata Falls
Glacial Cirques and Aretes are visible. July 2000

Geolor ArrowClose-up view of Glacial Cirques and Aretes. July 2000

Cirques and Aretes
Stormy Day at the Dunes

Geolor ArrowStormy day at Great Sand Dunes; Sangre de Cristos in the background July 2000

Geolor ArrowGeat Sand Dunes photos on a very stormy day. Photographed from Rte 150. July 2000

Stormy Day at Great Sand Dunes
Zapata Falls View

Geolor ArrowSangre de Cristo Mountain Range behind the Great Sand Dunes Photographed from Zapata Falls July 2000

Geolor ArrowWalking towards the Sand Dunes. Ominous clouds threaten to thrwart all plans for reaching the top. July 2000

Walking Towards the Dunes
People dwarf in size compared to the Dunes.

Geolor ArrowPeople dwarf in size next to the huge sand dunes. July 2000

Panorama Shots Taken August 1997

The Dunes in Panorama 1

The Dunes in Panorama 2
The Dunes in Panorama 3
The Dunes in Panorama 4

The panorama below was taken in July of 2000, after a fire ravaged the Great Sand Dunes area on Tuesday, April 18. Though most of the damage is behind the photographer, one can still see trees that have been blackened by heat and flames.

Great Sand Dunes After the Fire

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arete - A narrow, jagged mountain crest, often above the snowline, sculptured by alpine glaciers and formed by backward erosion of adjoining cirque walls.

cirque - Semicircular, concave, bowl-like area with steep face primarily resulting from erosive activity of a mountain glacier.


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Great Sand Dunes National Monument
Wildfire Headlines

Rocky Mountain April 18, 2000 A blaze destroys three buildings in Great Sand Dunes National Monument and burns 5,200 acres to the east. The fire began in grass near a highway and was driven by 70 mph winds that fanned the flames 10 to 15 feet high as the fire raced into the monument.
Great Sand Dunes Closed By Fire Thursday, April 20, 2000 - 11:50 AM ET (KCNC) The Great Sand Dunes National Monument Park is closed today because of a wildfire. It had been burning since Tuesday and is now contained. It's already damaged 52-hundred acres. A shelter was also destroyed. Yesterday firefighters spent hours putting out flames and dousing hot spots.
Sand Dunes Fire Contained Friday, April 21, 2000 - 06:22 PM ET (KKTV) A wildfire at the Great Sand Dunes National Monument is now 60 percent contained. The fire charred 5,400 acres since it started on Tuesday, and forced 50 visitors and residents to evacuate. Thursday, firefighters continue battling hot spots to keep the fire from spreading. About half a dozen firefighters will remain on the scene to watch for hot spots. The park will reopen on Saturday.

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