Pansy Barrel

Combining Original Digital Art with Photography

About the design:
The stylized, enhanced image required a lot of cloning over dead or ripped leaves, unwanted flowers, irregularly shaped petals and areas missing color.
Instead of gaussian blur, the smudge tool was used to make the unwanted background elements disappear.
Individual flowers and leaves were isolated from the photo then pasted on layers so moderate drop shadow and emboss effects could be applied thereby achieving a more 3-dimensional look.
The stardust effect, seen on the upper half of the photo, was rendered with a top layer on which a dissolved inner stroke was applied.
The background images framing the photo and this page pick up the wood texture on the barrel however a lighter hue was used in order to brighten the overall effect of the web page.

The finished project ended up looking quite different than the original photo. "Pansy Faces" are adorable and this is one way to have a more desirable and memorable image of a backyard flower-filled barrel.
If you are curious the original photograph can be viewed for comparison.

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