Royal Gorge Scenic Photo Tour
Highest Suspension Bridge in the World
Cañon City, Colorado

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Royal Gorge Scenic Photo Tour Via Railway: Royal Gorge Route Railroad

Highest Suspension Bridge in the World, Caņon City, Colorado
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ROYAL GORGE - Visiting the Royal Gorge Suspension Bridge is a very popular thing for tourists to do. It is one of Cañon City's major outlying attractions. Not only is the surrounding landscape breathtaking, with the magnificent Sangre De Cristo Mountains within view, but the bridge itself is famous for being the highest suspension bridge in the world. And the fact that it suspends over a steep and narrow gorge only adds to the awe and thrill of experiencing this combination of natural and man-made wonder.
The Royal Gorge Bridge is over a quarter of a mile long and hangs 1,053 feet above the Arkansas River, which over time eroded this magnificent gorge.
Construction began on June 5, 1929 and was completed Nov. 1929 and today it is listed on the National Historic Register.

The Royal Gorge area is a theme park with many attractions including the nearby Wapiti Western Wildlife Park. When visitng the bridge, there is much to do.
Visitors can ride the Royal Rush Skycoaster, a free-fall at up to 50 miles per hour towards the canyon floor below (definitely NOT for me), ride the Aerial Tram (world's longest single-span Aerial Tram), or take the Incline Railway car that descends 1,550 feet down to the Arkansas River, as the granite cliffs of the gorge surround you lead you.
Visitors can also cross the bridge on foot or in a car.

There is a train ride that leaves Cañon City and tours the Royal Gorge area, passing breathtaking scenery along the way. The train does not descend into the gorge the way the Incline Railway does, so the faint of heart may prefer to see the gorge in this manner. It is called the Royal Gorge Route Railroad and it takes passengers through 24-miles of unforgettable scenery including the gorge.

Photographs of Royal Gorge, Cañon City, Colorado were taken in October, 2004.
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