Skyline Drive Scenic Photo Tour
Cañon City, Colorado

Displaying these photos does not endorse nor promote the destruction of the hogback area by visitors who tear up our city land with motorcycles and ATV's.
There is presently an ongoing campaign by Cañon City residents to regulate the access of off-road vehicles in all Dakota Ridge and Skyline Drive Hogback areas.

SKYLINE DRIVE - A few miles west of Cañon City, Colorado, is the entrance to Skyline Drive, off Highway 50. It is a one-way, paved road that runs about 3 miles along an extremely narrow 800 foot high ridge and winds along following the crest of the Dakota hogback. In many locations the ridge is only as wide as the road, with sheer drops on both sides. Skyline Drive is open year round (weather permitting) but one must drive slowly and carefully!
Sometimes the road seems to disappear and drop off to nowhere, alluding to a sensation I can only describe as both scary and awesome.
"The Arkansas River has excavated much of the Tertiary piedmont deposits and cut deeply into the older Cretaceous marine rocks between Cañon City and the Kansas border. The upturned layers along the mountain front, marked by hogback ridges and intervening valleys, continue nearly uninterrupted around the south end of the Front Range into the embayment in the mountains at Cañon City".1

1 The GEOLOGIC STORY of The GREAT PLAINS By DONALD E. TRIMBLE, GEOLOGICAL SURVEY BULLETIN 1493 United States Government Printing Office, Washington : 1980.

Photographs of Skyline Drive, Cañon City, Colorado were taken in October 2004.
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