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Yikes! A Snake!

One set of Photos I was not happy to capture!

YIKES! My first Snake here in Colorado.

Around mid-May 2006, I watched this critter cross the street heading for my property. (Photo 1) I was thinking out loud, "Go Away! Turn around and go back where you came from". Though I had seen rattle snakes on television, my instinct to recall and compare physical characteristics was just not in me at that moment. The coloration on this snake sure looked like a rattler to me and it was huge compared to the occasional tiny, black snakes I saw in my garden back East.

It headed straight for my house, inching slowly, nearer and nearer. What to do?

From a distance, I squirted a jet stream of water from the garden hose and guess what? It liked it. It just curled around my little corner fence and enjoyed the spray. (Photo 2)

It decided to head for my front porch. Now, I was really concerned. Suppose it liked my front porch and remained...forever!?

So, I called Rid-A-Critter and found out that it would cost me a about $160 for the guy to capture and relocate the snake, even more "if I have to chase it around your property".

The snake was looking better and better to me.

I was able to get a hold of my neighbor who took a look and said, "It's just a Bull Snake. They are harmless and good for the environment because they eat rodents".
I still was not happy that it was resting directly under where I sit on my patio. (Photo 3)
However, feeling quite helpless, I just went inside hoping it would just go away.

Good News! It did go away about 30 minutes later and I have not seen it since.

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