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This is Tasha's Web Page.
Tasha is an adorable little, and I do mean little, Miniature Poodle.
In these photos she is 4 years old and just as playful as when she was a puppy.

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Tasha absolutely loved the stairs in her Colorado home. Afraid at first, she questioned whether she should attempt the climb, but once done, no one could stop her from running up and down, over and over. It was the first thing she would do upon entering the upstairs!

Here she is at the top of the landing, looking down at me. I cannot tell you how nervous I was to see her at the very edge with no railing to prevent her from falling. Fearlessly, she challenged me to come up there and get her down. She sure loved that house!

Tasha on the landing
Tired Tasha

After running up and down those stairs all day, not to mention playing "wilderness dog" in rural Colorado, Tasha, barely distinguishable from the blanket, "passes out" in the motor home. Notice the grey bunny in the background. It's her favorite toy. It even traveled cross-country with her from New York to Colorado.

Here is a magazine cover designed using MGI PhotoSuite2 and featuring Tasha.
Click on it to see a larger view.

Tasha on a Magazine Cover
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