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North Fork Ranch, Weston, Colorado

Flying Eagle

Views of the 52 gorgeous acres I used to own in the North Fork Ranch in southern Colorado. The smells, sights and sounds, or lack thereof, will always be a part of me and my own personal history. I hope you enjoy the photos. Thanks for visiting!

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View from the Top

From the top of my land, looking left down the beautiful valley of the North Fork Ranch. Ponderosa Pine thrive on the mountains in this area, imparting a deep green hue that is intermingled with the lighter deciduous Scrub Oak.

Look at the view from the same location, looking to the right! One can see the Rockies! These are the Culebra Mountains which are part of the Sangre De Cristo Mountain Range.

Distant Sangres
Viewing the Sangres

View from the top of the land. Peaks of the Sangre De Cristo Mountains are visible in the background.

The valley with the greenbelt and Purgatoire River. Majestic Sangres are visible in the background.

The Greenbelt
Geologist in the Field

Okay, so you are laughing at me in the field hat! One must admit that I look happy hiking my land! Yes it's me, all decked out in my geology field clothes and cameras, standing next to a sedimentary rock outcrop where my land intersects the dirt road that runs through the ranch.

Someone is taking a photo of me taking a photo! When in Colorado, it seems as if a person cannot help but snap one photograph after another.

Photographing the Photographer
The Purgatoire River

Close-up of the Purgatoire River which flows through the North Fork Ranch's greenbelt common area.

Nature's own landscaping. Yuccas thrive among sedimentary rocks on the land, creating the illusion the scenic landscape was planned and not part of nature's own handiwork.

Nature's Landscaping
View from the House

View from the house. What a gorgeous view to wake up to each morning!

Historic covered bridge covers the Purgatoire River which runs through the North Fork Ranch.

The Historic Covered Bridge
Scenic Highway of Legends

This is the view seen while driving down Route 12, the Scenic Highway of Legends. The Culebras, part of the Sangre De Cristo Mountain Range welcome you with their majestic snowcapped peaks. Route 12 leads to the North Fork Ranch.

Historic Buildings

Historic buildings located in North Fork Ranch

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